Russian youth politics is about to develop fast, some might even say dramatically. What are all these new youth political organizations standing for? What are their positions to the actual problems of Russia? We will try to find it out and discuss controversial topics with young Russian politicians.

Our first debates are dedicated to a new project of the main Russian party: “United Russia”. This is the so-called “Russian Project”. Ivan Demidov, founder of the initiative, subjected the main intention as “the legalization of nationalism”. The opponents say that the real and the only one intention of this project – to get votes from racists and from people, who think that immigrants are to blame for the problems of Russian society.

Our participants will be:

GEORGY BALAKHNICHEV („MOLODAYA GVARDIYA“– youth organization of „United Russia“)

EVGENI KONOVALOV (“SDSM” – Social-democratic Union of Youth)

See you on Tuesday, 27 of March at 7 pm in the “City Bar” (Furshtatskaya, 20)